Depths in the Desert


When I first saw the cover of Marty Machowski’s forthcoming book WonderFull: Ancient Psalms Ever New, I said to myself, “Oh man, I know I’m going to like this one!” After having the privilege of reviewing the book, I knew I had been right.  The beautiful illustrations by Andy McQuire immediately reminded me of his stellar […]

Dear young lady, I wish I could be sitting across from you, face to face over a good cup of coffee. I'm beyond excited to hear how the Lord has placed the nations on your heart. He does all things with his good purpose in mind. When he gave you a burden to see others […]

I was in college, driving to my best friend's house to hang out with her and a guy showing interest in her. There was no logical reason why I should have had trouble finding the road I needed to turn on, but I couldn't locate it. Cell phone service was spotty, resulting in a lot […]

I absolutely love my language teacher. She’s a beautiful, smart, confident young lady who I like to describe as Arab strong. One day last week she marked the errors on almost every single word I wrote down. She corrected (and still corrects) my accent for the 50th time on the same word. It was enough […]

When I moved overseas, deciding what books to bring, leave behind, or store away was a tough call to make. Some books I couldn’t part with. I even added to my collection, but it wasn’t commentaries or books on cross-cultural living. It was a selection of theological books for children. As the church, we should […]

“God’s timing is perfect,” she said to me. The words settled like soured milk in my stomach on a hot day. I grew angry. Not at the sweet woman who I knew was praying for me in all sincerity as I prepare to move overseas. I didn’t sense my anger was directed at God, either. […]

As we contemplate Advent, our thoughts may turn to our own waiting. My particular season of waiting has been swirled with disappointment and tension, joy and awe. The four themes of Advent – hope, peace, joy, and love – are beautiful indicators of how our waiting should be characterized. I often find myself waiting in […]

I was the kind of person that worked on honing my maternal skills since I was big enough to hold a baby doll. Soothing a crying baby or singing a sleepy toddler to sleep seemed ingrained in me.  As I got older, I did what I could to learn how to be the God-honoring, Spirit-led […]

One of the best ways you can guard the single friends or people you know who are serving overseas is by guarding your mouth.


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