God Made Me for Heaven – A Review

Do you feel unprepared for talking about heaven with your children or the kids you work with regularly? It’s hard to find solid, theological resources on a topic often misconstrued, especially to kids. They need some good theology about heaven, and that’s exactly what Marty Machowski delivers in his forthcoming book, God Made Me for Heaven. The theology is straight from Scripture, so it doesn’t veer from the truth. In this book, kids will learn about topics like the new heaven and the new earth. There’s a clear gospel presentation, so this book will give you a tool for communicating the gospel message with kids in a way that is appropriate for those with much or little to no church experience. 

This book is also powerful because it reflects what the throne of heaven will be like – people from all tribes, tongues, and nations who don’t necessarily look like me and you worshiping before the throne of God. I love that the book is so readable, especially with the different fonts highlighting questions and points that deserve reiterating. The book ends with a concise list of questions for teaching your kids about heaven. How often do books like these give you a bonus teaching section? Machowski has anticipated the questions kids often ask about heaven, so you aren’t left alone to try to come up with a sound answer on your own. I recommend reading this section before reading this must-have book with children so that you’re prepped ahead of time. By the end of the book, you and your young readers will want to join in the celebration of heaven.

New Growth Press indicates the age level for this book is 8 – 11 year-olds, but I think readers even slightly younger than that can understand and benefit from this truth-filled resource. God Made Me for Heaven makes me excited for the other books in this series. It would be a fabulous addition to your child’s library or your church’s or Sunday School’s collection of children’s books. Once again, if choosing gospel-grounded books for your kids is essential to you, this is definitely a book you’ll want to order. Be sure to check out my blog posts for reviews on other Marty Machowski resources I love and recommend.


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